We provide compliant, secure, and convenient one stop treasury services offering wallet, on and off ramps, cards and commerce solutions for both enterprise and individual clients.

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On-Off Ramps that You can Trust

Providing instant fiat and digital asset conversion with zero volatility risks, transparent pricing without any hidden costs or additional fees, EU licensing ensuring KYB/AML compliance and fund security standard.


Elevating hybrid digital asset management to a new level

Integrate the management of encrypted currency and fiat currency into one, providing users with a seamless digital asset experience.

You can easily store, send and receive various mainstream cryptocurrencies, while also managing your fiat currency accounts.


Physical and Virtual Cards

BlancBlock Card is a crypto payment card that can be used for online purchases, airline tickets and more in over 200 countries. Support USDT, BTC, ETH and other digital currency deposits.

Our Commerce Solution

Tailor for Web3 Transformation

Whether you are a blockchain-powered startup or a traditional business in need of flexible new generation payment tools.

Multi-Sig Solution

Make your digital assets safer and more secure

With multiple private keys, the same account can be jointly managed by many users enabling decentralised co-ownership for DAOs, groups and enterprises.

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Assets Management

Provide integrated custody and open financial services

BlancBlock offers asset managers a platform protect their crypto assets the way they are familiar with traditional investments.

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Crypto Payment

Revolutionize Your Global Business with Crypto Payments

Expand your business horizons with our seamless crypto payment integration. Capture more transactions, broaden your customer base, and enjoy unrivaled security standards for fraud-free transactions. Join us in shaping the future of commerce.

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On-Off Ramps Service

One free integration, two powerful ramps

Allows your corporate customers to register and make purchases directly using BlancBlock, enabling substantial single transactions from enterprises, businesses and trusts.

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About BlancBlock

BlancBlock is on a mission to future-proof businesses of all sizes in the new digital era by forging innovative paths and reshaping the landscape of payments.

Established in 2023, with headquarters in Europe and Hong Kong, BlancBlock is dedicated to revolutionizing banking and payment services. Our goal is to assist businesses of every scale in navigating the intricacies of the global financial system and emerging markets, empowering them to realize their global aspirations.

Through our robust infrastructure, BlancBlock seamlessly bridges traditional financial services with digital assets, offering a unified gateway to the era of financial inclusion and the next generation of cross-border trade ecosystems. Join us as we pave the way forward in redefining the future of finance.

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How to protect the security of my account?

In addition to enabling dual authentication, it is recommended that you regularly change your password and not easily share your account information
If you have confirmed that you have entered the correct password but still cannot log in, you can try to reset your password using the "forgot password" function on the login page;
If your registered email is currently unable to receive emails or if the problem persists after resetting your password, you can email with a detailed description of the problem, and we will have professional staff to follow up and handle it in a timely manner.
You need to confirm whether the current account has passed KYC verification.
There may be risks in the current account. You can send an email to And provide relevant problem descriptions, we will have professional personnel follow up and handle it in a timely manner after receiving the email.
After receiving the application materials, BlancBlock usually completes the data review within 1-5 working days. Providing clearer and more accurate information will greatly improve the audit progress.
BlancBlock will provide specific reasons for the audit failure, and you can resubmit the information based on the reason for the audit failure.

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